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Picasa-Map is a web map for displaying geotagged photos from Picasa Web Albums and Google+.


Live Map

Why I like Picasa

Picasa is a great desktop application for making photos look “good enough” and it does it quickly.  I can add contrast, brighten dark photos, crop, and remove unwanted blemishes all in a matter of seconds.  My favourite part of the program is how it connects with Google Maps for very quick geocoding.  If my GPS camera or phone has received a location the photos will show up on the map automatically.  And if there was no coverage at the time of taking the photo, then I can guestimate the location by placing a marker on the map for the selected photo.  This is great.  Picasa quickly does everything that I need as a mediocre photographer looking to document my trip.

The problem now is how do I actually display my photos on a map? There is a feature in Picasa Web Albums that shows an overview of all photo locations.  A user can also download KML files, but the Picasa Web Albums hasn’t been updated since 2012 and all online development is now going into photos.google.com.  Because of this, Picasa Web Albums is now look a little dated, and plus, I want to be able to export and share my map, not just send people to a link of it inside Picasa Web Albums.

The Map

Because of these factors, I decided to make Picasa-Map.  This way I can make my maps the way I like and share them how I like.  The functionality of the map includes the ability to search for any Google username, display results on the map, photo clustering, saving specific albums for sharing, and creating an iframe to imbed in other websites.


My Picasa-Map uses the Picasa Web Albums Data API to request images and data.  The Picasa API is great for two reasons: it gives GPS data for each geotagged photo (which Google+ API does not), and secondly the API has access to all Google+ photos which is amazing since a lot more people use Google+ than they do Picasa.

Best of all, the code is all open source, so if you want to make any changes and contribute, or simply take a copy and do your own thing with it, by my guest: Github

Check out the saved iframe from my trip to Iceland below or view your own photos at the Live Site