Angular-GeoKey Open Source Project Aug26


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Angular-GeoKey Open Source Project

Over the past few months I have been working with the open source project GeoKey which is a fabulous back end infrastructure for participatory web mapping.  The project is run out of the Excites team at UCL in conjunction with Mapping for Change, which is the company that I worked for directly after finishing my masters at UCL.  Essentially GeoKey is a geospatial api that you can install on your own server to then connect apps and mobile devices to it in order to display and analyse your data.

Because GeoKey is all back end, I wanted to create a project to show the world how a front end app could be created to work with GeoKey.  I have created an open source project called Angular-GeoKey which uses Angular.js as a JavaScript framework to work with the GeoKey Api that I have set up on my server.  The project can be viewed GitHub and this is a live demo.

Below are a list of some of the features:

  • Drag and Drop KML / GPX files onto map for easy insertion into GeoKey and fast map previewing
  • Saves GeoJSON data in local storage for fewer calls to GeoKey and increase speed.
  • Save, Edit and Delete features and feature properties
  • Register new users
  • Restrict edit and data creation to signed in users
  • Uses HTML Interceptor to handle OAuth 2 tokens

The project is still in pre-release and is still a bit buggy, so be kind.