Social Work Job Change Tool

The Social work job change tool is a map that James Smith and I created to display social work information on local authorities throughout the UK. The map is designed to help social workers find prospective employers throughout the UK.

About: This map has displays 15 different maps that are controlled through the use of a drop down menu. The topics of the maps range from ‘Social worker vacancy rate’ to ‘Median pay social workers in adult services’ and much in between. For each map there are graphs which help to further display data as well as clickable polygons which provide all available detail on a given local authority.

Social work job change tool

Technical: Because this map is being used by Community Care, I won’t go into too much detail about this map, but it combines Google Fusion Tables, Google Charts Tools, JavaScript and some very detailed data which was provided by Community Care. What is really neat about the project is that as data is edited, the maps and graphs dynamically update so the client can keep the maps up to date without any new map or graph creation.

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