UK Emobility Map Nov10


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UK Emobility Map

The UK Emobility Map is a web tool that is designed to display the location of charge points for electric vehicles around the United Kingdom.  The map displays location, speed of the charger, type of charger, charger owner, whether the charger requires a membership and various other details.  Besides charging point details, the map gives recommended routes for driving between international ports throughout the UK.  This site is a work in progress and the plan is to continue to expand the database with more charging points as well as develop more detailed planning resources for local authorities.

About:  I created this web map through my work at the London Metropolitan University in partnership with Emobility-NSR, The Interreg IVB North Sea Region Programme, and the European Union.  The Emobility-NSR project is a very interesting programme which brings academic, private sector and policy makers together under the same goal of developing electro mobility.  The project comprises partners in all countries of the North Sea Region: Belgium (Flanders Region), Denmark, Germany, Netherland, United Kingdom, Norway and Sweden.

UK Emobility Map

Technical:  I developed this site based off a MySQL database using AJAX calls to populate a Google Map.  The reason for designing the map with a database instead of using KML files was so that I could easily make updates and edits to the charge points instead of creating new KML files for every change.  The data comes from many different sources including local authorities, the National Charge Point Registry, POD Point, and hopefully many others in the future.  As a result the database is continually being developed as more data becomes available.  The eventual goal is to create a map of charge points for all of the North Sea Region.

Stay tuned for future development.

Click Here to visit the site!  And please, leave any positive or negative feedback.