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Bicycle Touring Map

The Bicycle Touring Map documents my 5 years of annual bicycle touring with a group of friends.  Throughout the trips we have explored the California coast, the Pyrenees, Utah’s national parks, the English countryside and Yellowstone National Park.  The website displays the route, the elevation chart, goecoded photos, as well as geocoded videos.

About:  I was originally interested in creating this map because I thought that a slide show did not quite do justice to a bicycle tour in the same way that an interactive map could.  When doing the bike tour, place becomes a very important aspect of the whole trip.  ‘How far is the next campsite?’  ‘How much of an elevation gain do we have for the next 10 miles?’  ‘There are no stores for the next 30 miles, so we need to stock up now.’  Pictures can only tell part of this story, so this map is an attempt to give a better representation of the trips.

Technical:  The website itself is all designed from scratch with a combination of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.  The map is created from the Google Maps Api.  The geographic data is all loaded as kml layers which are hosted from the server.  The photos themselves are hosted by the program Picasa, which is both a great photo editing program as well as very helpful tool for geotagging photos.

Click Here to visit the site!  And please, leave any positive or negative feedback.