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Kindle Map

The Kindle Map is developed for atlas style map reading with a wifi or 3G connection.  The map is currently designed for the London St Paul Cathedral area.


About:  The Kindle Map is a project that I developed for my master’s thesis at UCL.  The concept was the brainchild of Muki Haklay who realized that the Kindle had two great advantages over other electronic map reading devices; a large screen that makes it easier to read maps, and an E ink screen that allows for much clearer visibility in strong sunlight.

I designed the map specifically with the Kindle in mind.  All colors were chosen within the 16 color grey scale which is available through the Kindle.  Compared to color images that the Kindle automatically adjusts to display in black in white, the map comes out much clearer with strong contrasts.

I was able to customize the OpenLayers JavaScript library to allow the map to be controlled with the Kindle keypad.  I was also able to turn off the smooth panning because the E ink is not quite fast enough to handle fast pans (although on  computer, this now looks a little funny).

Kindle Map Screen Shot


Technical:  The Kindle Map is my pure open source project.  The mapping data comes from OpenStreetMap, and the map itself was designed and rendered through the program Mapnik.  The map is then displayed through the JavaScript Library OpenLayers.  Open layers is perfect for this project because it easily allows a developer to customize user controls to fit the use of the Kindle.

Kindle Map

In the process of creating the maps, other open source software was used as well.  To hold and organize the OpenStreetMap data I used a PostGIS database, which is a software program that adds support to PostgreSQL.  I used the program Osmosis to extract the data from OpenStreetMap and Osm2pgsql to insert the data into the PostGIS database.

I know that all of this is terribly boring, but I was thinking that I might point someone in the right direction if they were interested in a similar project.

Click Here to visit the site!  And please, leave any positive or negative feedback.