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Mapping For Change

Mapping For Change is a project that aims to empower communities through the power of maps.  To accomplish this, they have developed their own mapping platform which displays points, lines, polygons, raster images, videos, and photos in order to meet communities’ needs.  The purpose of the site can best be summarized by the MFC mission statement: ‘Our mission is to empower individuals and communities to make a difference to their local area through the use of mapping and the applications of geographical information.’ 


About:  After completing my master’s at UCL, I was kindly asked by my professors Muki Haklay and Claire Ellul to come work on the Mapping For Change project as a GIS developer.  Through the 9 months that I was working on the MFC website, I worked on a wide variety of mapping projects including pollution mapping, noise pollution mapping, UK wide Department of Energy Climate Change awards, an archive of a communities local history, maps for community groups that highlights local projects and events.

Overall, it was a great opportunity to further develop my programming skills as well as work on projects that I could see were truly making a positive difference.


Technical:  Without going into too much detail about the Mapping For Change platform, my duties as a developer consisted of programming in PHP, JavaScript, and AJAX while making adjustments to the MySQL database and working with the Google Maps Api V3.  In the process I worked on a number of mapping enhancements.  Some of my favourites include:

  • Kml upload and site integration
  • Filtration – user generated searches to specify exactly which points to place on the map
  • Subthemes – Allowing the user to show only certain ‘subthemes’ of a layer
  • Tool tips – roll over effects that provide the user with extra information on tools


Click Here to visit the site!  And please, leave any positive or negative feedback.